I need Help

Allie • Hey y'all! 19

I need some opinions ladies. My boyfriend and I live together but haven’t been able to spend a whole lot of time together due to my work schedule. (I’m a full time waitress pulling about 45+ hours a week) the only time we really get to see each other are mornings before I head off to work or nights when I come home but at that point I’m way too tired to stay up and hangout. He understands I’m a working woman. But he misses me and it’s taking a toll on our relationship. We’re starting to bicker a lot more. (I’ve also jut been put on a new birth control pill that is feeding my body more hormones than I am used to.) with that being said this is what I need help with. I’d like to spice up things in the bedroom because I feel with the lack of us spending time with each other he’s getting a bit bored. Could y’all give me some ideas. I want him to be exited for when I come home because he knows he’s gonna have fun in the bedroom. I know it sounds silly but, Thank you in advance.