My First Time

I like to keep my private life private, which is why this is anonymous and why no one knows. On March 18th, I lost my virginity to a great guy. It was weird because I was on my period but it felt amazing and he was extremely gentle with me. And he was a tinder date. We’d been talking for a while and he knew it was my first time. About a week later, we started sexting and sending nudes. Now we’ve had sex a couple times and its really good every time. We usually cuddle afterwards and before we have sex we usually talk for a while. We haven’t defined the relationship which I’m okay with, but I’m wondering how to approach the situation. Right now, I know I’m the only one he’s sleeping with but how do I ask if he wants to be anything more than what we are now? Or ask if he wants to just keep doing what we’re doing? Again I’m okay with it- it’s not like he’s using me, I’ve been the one to ask for sex since the first time. Anyway, what do you guys think?