New heartbreak New me


So like any upset heart broke girl I decided to go and cut 12 inches off my hair and put blonde highlights in it. A month ago I was dumped, through text by my boyfriend of two years. I know it sucks and I was heartbroken. I’m finding it hard now to just go through my everyday life without being upset by it. Anywhere I go or anything I do I’m constantly reminded of the boy I loved and who was with me for so long through everything. All in all I’m not even reaally upset he broke up with me. I’m upset and feeling worthless cause after two years of giving that relationship my everything I was only worth a text. I’ve stopped going to my church Because he goes there with his family and I can’t bring myself to face him. He made me such a better person and now I find it that I’m slipping back into my old ways. No one truly makes me happy anymore and I don’t know what to do. Anything have any tips for how to get over a break up? I know time and only fix a broken heart but maybe some things it make it not so bad. Plus my sister has just recently moved in with her boyfriend and she’s so happy and I’m so happy for her but I never see her anymore and it’s heartbreaking cause she’s the one I would go to over this stuff. I don’t wanna tell her how I feel about never seeing her and her moving out cause I don’t wanna be that selfish person but I really miss her. Any advice is greatly appreciated.