annoyed with ob nurse. 😒 *rant warning*


I woke up this morning just feeling very off. I woke up almost 2 hours early but didn’t want to get up, I didn’t really want breakfast (both of those are VERY unlike me) but I did eat, and I just feel kind of empty/blah. That, mixed with the false contractions I’ve been having all weekend- I figured I’d just call, let them know, and see if they said anything.

Now- I wasn’t expecting a “come on in!! we’re going to induce!!” But I was expecting some questioning of some sort, at least trying to get some sort of answer? No questions about my consistent false contractions all weekend, discharge changes, any headache, any swelling- nothing. Just “are your contractions 5-1-1, and are you bleeding?” Call us back if either of those happen. I talked to the nurse for maybe 20 seconds, and the receptionist asked me more questions than the nurse did.

Like, I’m sorry that as a FTM at 38+3 I’m taking the advice that I’ve always heard and called if things weren’t normal?