A soda can saved my life


So i was on back roads and sometimes I just slowly drive off from a stop sign.

Like, i stop and then I slowly start moving again. I do that when I'm in deep thought. Today I did that and then I saw something slide under my passenger seat (I never have anything in my floor board) so I looked to the right and then I saw a car at the last second because they came up a hill, obviously fucking flying at me and obviously not about to stop at their stop sign (it was a 4 way) and that's when I FLOORED IT. I moved my ass way up out the way and they realized they were fucking stupid way too late and slammed on their breaks so hard it made a horrible screeching sound and their tires smoked. They stopped in the middle of the intersection. And I stopped because I honestly thought they were gonna wreck.

So they were speeding like hell and ran a stop sign. If they had t-boned me it would have been brutal. They barely missed the butt of my car

I was thinking, if I hadn't of caught a glimpse of that stupid Sprite can I could have possibly not seen that car quick enough to get out of the way. It's a possibility that a Sprite can just saved my life 😂 or saved me money in massive medical bills. It was one of those moments when something really bad almost just happened and you just think about it later like wow, I had some good luck today.

My poor car though, its not used to that. It's an old man. It sounded like it almost died when I floored it.