A saying that I feel needs to die.

“It takes two to make a baby”.

Cool beans. Glad to hear your opinion on my situation as a single mother to be when you don’t know jack shit as to what actually happened behind closed doors.

It took one.


Because I was drunk after being pressured into drinking to much.

Oh now here we go with the

“It was your choice to drink to much.”

Except both times it wasn’t. He was my ride home and wouldn’t drive me home unless I had “just one more. Just one more drink”.

If I argued I got insulted. Basically psychologically abuse.

Two different times this happened. But because I was trapped in this circle of abuse where I couldn’t even tell up from down I always blamed myself.

ESPECIALLY when others told me it was my choice.

Yea. Well it wasn’t my choice to be forced into sex while I’m in a state where I can’t defend myself.

I have next to no memory of these nights. Just the knowledge I gain the next morning when he bragged about it and acted like a cocky asshole. I’ll never forget how disgusting I always felt and how he’d constantly make sure I believed it was was my own doing, How it was my fault.

Along with everyone else who doesn’t seem to understand psychological abuse from a REAL covert narcissistic fuck.

But it’s my fault right?

(FYI. He’s a drunk. But those nights he barely drank anything.)