Help! Advice but needed (ASAP) please.

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Okay guys so I have an issue, I went to the gym for the first time Monday, it was great, I went in the morning expecting to be exhausted by the time I got home but even though I was tired I felt amazing! Here is my issue though, I don't know if I did to much for my first time or if it's just because it was my first time but I'm sore horribly. I used to get sore when I would go walk with my friends (We would try to average a couple of miles each day they have since moved away so we no longer get to walk together) but never like this, it's hard to get up, roll over, sit down, lift things, ect., ect. My mom says the more I move the easier it will be and to an extent it has been helping, I've been doing stretches all morning walking around little things just to be moving. But it's not enough I'm still falling when I try to sit, having trouble walking, I had to get my step dad to lift my pot of water that I can normally hold on my shoulder because I couldn't lift it past my knees. I have an interview today in about 3 hours, I don't want her to see how wobbly and essentially useless I am right now, and I don't want to hurt anymore. Any advice?