missed miscarriages & ttc


Hi guys hope you're all well?! So I've been with my hubby 5 years, shortly after marrying we found out I was expecting! Little did we know that joy would be taken away. I went for our dating scan at 13+1 only to be told bean didn't have a heartbeat. Well after getting over that we quickly caught again in 2015. This time round I felt the mc 😭 exactly a year later we got the faintest positive test on a cheap test, 2 days later it all ended naturally. SO, we've been seeing Drs specialists ECT, they basically said as I hadn't conceived in 2 years I was now classed as infertile 😢 I've had all the meds/tests possible there's just no answer for my mcs or why I now can't catch. I've not been feeling right for a few weeks, so did a test, a digital one, instantly came back positive!! Yay!! No maybe not, I had a scan at my EPAC yesterday after working out dates ECT I should be 8/9 weeks gone. But all they could see is a sack, no yolk! I have another scan in 2 weeks to see if there's any change. Has anyone any advice or good stories about being in a similar situation Please? Love & baby dust to you all! xxx