Frustrated.. a little comical.


So. I’m at work right now. Irritable frustrated and tired. Yet oddly energetic. I work in IT and we hired someone to help me because my work load is so high lately and taking on new responsibilities. But he’s not very fit for the job and trying to be patient is getting hard. (Partly him partly my own stuff, as I’ll say later.)

What he doesn’t know and isn’t work appropriate to share is that my uterus is a bitch, my ovaries have abandoned me, I’m almost a week late with PCOS and I’ve taken 4 pregnancy tests.

He also doesn’t know that my whole body aches, my breasts are screaming at my, my face is sore from acne and I feel like I’m a teenager again in all my Aingst and resentment. Praying for AF to come and end my misery or a positive test.

So I’m eye rolling, downing coffee, begging my husband to bring me chocolate, crying in the bathroom and just all over losing my shit.

And I just need a little support or pick me up. Comment something sweet or funny or mean idc lol 😂 just give me something good