Ex wife bought him a weird gift 🤔 "I was thinking of him.."

How would this make you feel? Some background: (My fiance and I have been together 2 years and have a baby together. They have 2 older children together.) His ex has been on a trip to the states for the last couple days (we live in Canada lol)

The other night his ex texted him at 1030 PM. "you up?" He didn't respond. She then said "never mind, kids got you a gift." The next morning, she calls ME (I'm worried thinking this is an emergency or something) She goes "I couldn't get ahold of him, I tried calling but I guess hes at work...I was out shopping and saw a radio Walkman thing thats hard to find. I thought of him when I saw it cause he likes to listen to talk radio to fall asleep so I bought him one. I will maybe pick up a couple extras just in case the one breaks, they're on sale. What do you think?" My face at the moment was like:

But I said "uh..yeah that's sweet of you, I'm feeding the baby I gotta go" and we ended the conversation on a good note. So fast forward, my fiance gets home and he shows me the texts shes sent him telling him about the gift she bought him. She's texting about how they're hard to find nowadays and hes like yeah thanks for buying it and kind of brushes her off a little. She then jokes a bit more about how he's the only one that uses them blah blah.. oh the memories of using walkmans.. he doesn't respond.

I told him it makes me uncomfortable how not only did she already buy the gift but she called me up to tell me about it and how he uses it to fall asleep (lady I know... i sleep with him) Like you already bought it....what was the point of all of that...and to tell me you were thinking of him..? Come on...

edit to add..its a weird gift also because she knows he uses his smartphone to listen to radio now (obviously since it's the 21st century lol)