Not sure what to do...I’m a little inpatient.

I took a clear blue digital pregnancy test on Monday and it was positive, this was the day after my period failed to show.

This makes me just over 4 weeks pregnant, really early I know. Last night I had some streaks of blood when wiping after going to the loo. Today I’ve already changed 4 soaked pads of bright red blood. No clots, no cramps. I’ve spoken to a nurse on the EPAU who said: Bleeding at this point is considered normal. Could potentially last until Saturday (3 days in total).

And to retake preg test in 2/52 if still +ve then contact GP for a scan.

She said most of ladies on her unit have been admitted with similar bleeding but 78% go on to have normal pregnancies.

And to watch for fist sized clots and dizziness. She says it’s pointless having a scan as it would be too early to see heartbeat etc. I think what I’m asking, is has anyone else had bleeding like this at this stage and had a viable pregnancy?? 🙁xx