Is stress making my period late or am I pregnant?!


Has anyone had stress caused there period to be late? By how many days if so?

Is 5 days late too soon to get an accurate result from a home pregnancy test?

Me and my current boyfriend have been have sex pretty regularly since the beginning of February. I’m not on birth control, never have been but always use condoms. I’ve been late before(while having sex in previous relationships)and I never really stressed over it. But now I’m late by 5 days and am nervous I might be pregnant. My now boyfriend is always carful to check during and when we’re done that the condom did break in anyway. I’ve never dated a guy so amazing. One night he told me he had a pregnancy scare in his last relationship and would really appreciate it if I got on birth control of course I’m going to I’ve just had to wait till I go home from school to get my prescription. I can’t tell if me stressing over this is making me late or if I really might be pregnant.