finallllly my body decided to work!


So finally this month my body decided to work ( I think it was contribution from Concieve plus as we have only Tried it this month) no wonder why I have been wanting to run away from My kids and Step kids as they are all Driving me insane over the smallest of things (mood swings galore!) these school holidays. I had a spare clear blue pregnancy test in my draw.. Thinking that it just wasn't going to happen this month again so was just expecting to just chuck it in the bin and it not show a thing but with in the 3 min time Frame a faint positive showed!!( It's easier to see in person the camera seems to not show it as much)

I have been thinking all day since yesterday that the universe was just being a cruel bitch and giving me a false positive so I went and retested today with a pink dye first response and that beautiful beautiful beautiful second line appeared straight away with a strong pink line those hcg level. Must have risen like crazy over night.

Blood test on Monday I thought would be the best time to Have it so over the weekend my levels have lots of time to Rise..i could definitely go without the blood test though and go Straight to the ultrasound.