Anyone else unsupportive family for natural/ water birth

Has anyone had to deal with unsupportive in laws? My husbands mom is literally crazy trying to talk me out of a natural waterbirth. She seems to have a problem with natural birth as it is and even more upset about my choice of doing waterbirth. She keeps telling me that labor is painful and that she frankly doesn’t think I can handle it. She’s also opposed to the idea of having a midwife instead of an OB and keeps telling me that her sister who gave birth 3 months ago had 9 doctors around her while she gave birth with an epidural... as if that’s a bragging right or something... I told her I’d freak if I had 9 doctors with me during labor. I guess she thinks that it’s riskier even tho I’m still giving birth in a hospital. I told her I plan on doing the whole thing unmedicated and she keeps trying to convince me that once I go into labor I’ll change my mind and then she starts laughing. Like how is that funny?! I tried explaining that it’s my choice and based on my research, for me it’s the best option. Anyway, that wasn’t enough, a couple days ago on my BIRTHDAY she tried to tell other ladies there to talk me out of it and then finally asked my dad to talk me out of it... after I told her countless times that my mind is set and I really don’t appreciate her telling me over and over.. especially on my birthday in front of my guests. Anyway, I kind of told her that if she thinks she’s invited to my birth, she can forget it because I don’t need unsupportive people present. So what do you guys think I should do at this point? I don’t even care anymore if she supports my decision. I just want her to stop because I literally can’t stop telling my husband that his mom is the most annoying human I’ve ever met. I know my birth is going to go well and I am honestly so excited to give birth. I know some women are afraid or anxious but I can’t wait.