One Day Late FTM


Meredith Aline Gunn

April 12, 2018 2:43 pm

21.5 inches long

8lbs 4oz

9 Hours of labor with 25-30 minutes of pushing

Woke up to some crampy type pains at 530 this morning and thought I just had to use the bathroom. Well I did, went layed back down, but the pain kept coming so I decided to start timing. The pain was completely horrible and irregular for the first hour and then became more regular and closer together really fast. I couldnt move at some points bc the pain was so horrible. My husband takes a quick shower and we go to the hospital. He wanted to wait and see if the pain got worse bc we just went to the hospital less than a week ago for the same pain but wasnt as nearly bad and they said it was round ligament pains. But I was like "WE GOT TO GO". So we get to the hospital and register and get up to L&D; and they immediately move me into a delivery room. Before they could tell me to get undressed and put on the hospital gown I was like "GET ME DRUGS GOOD STRONG DRUGS NOW" I have an extremely low pain tolerance. I yelled at my husband and 2 friends in the car that I hated them bc they werent in pain. So they get me hooked up to monitors and they nurses are scrambling getting IV in, drawing blood, going over breathing techniques all while I'm having contractions back to back. They check me and I'm 3 cm dilated and baby is at -1 station and the doctor broke my water (I'm very thankful that I'm going through the labor naturally bc I was scheduled to be induced this Sunday night and so I went walked the neighborhood for 20-30 minutes the night before which worked obviously. ) So they tell me I have to go through most of a bag of saline before I get the epidural, I was really lucky though and the anastheologist came in early and said it was fine to give me the epidural now. Totally didnt hurt at all to get it put in and I felt immediate relief. They waited for me to numb up a lot and put the catheter in. So They check me again at 11 and I'm 4cm dilated. I call the nurse about 45 minutes later and told her i feel pressure in my butt. Im now 8cm and completely thinned out. Hour and a half to 2 hours later i was pushing our baby girl out. Didnt hurt at all just some intense pressure. It felt like a huge relief to have her out. lol. The end.

sorry for the long story !