3 sum gone wrong

Had a 3 sum with my fiancé because I’ve always wanted one and so did my fiancé . We made a strict rule this was a one time thing and we have sex with the girl together once and that’s I️t . He picks the girl we go out to dinner and movie together to see if I️ like the girl and I️m like cool let’s go so we get a hotel room had a few drinks did the 3 sum and we all fell asleep . She was actually supposed to leave after but we all were tired . So I️ slept with my fiancé she sleep in the other bed. at 4am I️ woke up got on my phone a lil but then got hungry so I️ got in my car then txt my fiancé I️m going to grab sum food . I️m out 30 min cuz everything was closed and I️ finally just get Taco Bell and head back . When I️ get back the extra lock was on the door and I️ could see the girl getting off my fiancé I️m like wtf . My fiancé opens the door for me and I️m like what’s going on here? The girl says you don’t know who I️ am huh and I️m like no? She says she’s my fiancé’s ex. (2 ex’s before me) and says my fiancé asked her for the 3 sum before he got married so they could have sex one last time I️m like what ? And he’s like wait that is not what happened he’s like yea that’s my ex but she came over to me I️ guess when you left and I️ was half sleep . I️ cut him off . I️ didn’t care for their stories I️ told the girl to leave she got dressed and left . We checked out shortly after. I️ am disappointed in who he picked and that he didn’t tell me and that he sort of went behind my back and had sex with her again but I️ still want to marry him. We didn’t make a rule that said he couldn’t pick his ex or some girl he previously had sex with so I️ can’t be mad plus we both wanted the 3 sum but he has some making up to do and 4 1/2 months to do so....moral of story don’t do 3 sums 🤦🏽‍♀️

UPDATE: she admit she heard me leave and locked the door behind me and went over to my fiancé . I️t was completely dark so at first she pretended to be me but when he noticed I️t wasn’t me I️t was too late she was already on top of him when he tried to get up she said that I️ had said I️t was ok and that I️ left so I️ didn’t have to watch ....as far as how she knew bout the 3 sum she says he posted the (👀) emoji on Facebook and she hit him up asked what he was up to and he said lookn for a girl to do a 3 sum with his fiancé and she jokingly said she’d do it and he ran along with I️t . Then I️t was her idea to not tell me who she was and he said he’d somehow have to tell me before we got married. She ended up telling me because my fiancé cheated on her . When they were together And she was jealous he picked someone to settle down with.