My SO yelled at the social worker and now I'm afraid for our baby. EDIT

My SO left a voice mail to our hospital's social worker yelling at her because she has been hovering over us in a manner that is stressful.

Our baby is in the Nicu and we are in the middle of shopping for a house and we have made them aware of it but any time I don't happen to be with the baby she blows up our phone. When I'm actually there she shows up just to check up on me and starts asking where my SO is when she clearly knows he's at work. She does this every single day!!!! I'm 29 years old but I look way younger than I am and I'm sick of being treated like I am a child. Even when new ppl come into my baby's room their reaction is "'re mom?" or. things like " You're not mom are you?" yes I am now stop passing judgement. Can the social worker decide not to release our baby because of my SO yelling at her? I'm afraid she might take it as a threat.

EDIT: He said " Hello, ___ says you asked of my whereabouts yet again and the answer is always the same. I work 8-5 and I'm doing overtime working late hours and even working on saturdays because we are buying a house. You have my phone number you can contact me any time if I'm not available leave a message AND STOP HOVERING OVER US AND MAKING HER FEEL LIKE SHE'S ALONE AND SINGLE BECAUSE I CANT ALWAYS BE THERE!!!! INSTEAD OF HELPING YOU'RE JUST ADDING MORE STRESS AND MORE STRESS!!! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SH... "and that's when he hung up. I told him he could have said those things in a better tone not screaming into the machine recorded.