I'm 14 weeks pregnant with twins and on March 5th I left my boyfriend of 1 year and 2 month's due to us both being physical with each other. (pics included of the damage he left when we would fight..)

Anyways, I moved to Colorado and I'm living with my brother and his wife, but they're also an unhealthy couple, my brother recently put a gun in his mouth with his 3 kids here, they fight and he pushes her etc.. I'm basically trying to figure out if I want to leave and have my kids be raised with both parents, or stay here, hear them pressure me into filing charges, not letting him sign the birth certificate or let him be in the delivery room, etc.. the list goes on. I just need advice.. OH MY EX ALSO SAID THAT WHEN THE KIDS ARE BORN AND IN STILL OUT OF STATE, HE WILL TAKE ME TO COURT AND FILE FOR CUSTODY.. I honestly just want a family like structure..

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