Switched IUD’s


Hey ladies! So the beginning of March (the 5th, I believe) I switched from the Mirena to the ParaGuard, a few days later after severe cramping I had a unusually heavy period for about 4-5 days. Then it stopped for a few days and then once again had another maybe 2 days of bleeding. I switched because sex had gotten super uncomfortable because the hormones were messing up my natural balance of things making everything to dry. And at 22, that’s not cool. Haha. Anyhow, my problems have since been resolved with switching the IUD (thank Jesus!) but I still haven’t gotten another period yet...? Is that normal since I’m coming off something hormonal? I was supposed to have a follow up appointment but I got a new job since then and it’s like impossible to take off 😭😭 I’m wondering if the bleeding I had before was just from the insertion, vs an actual period. Thanks for any help ladies!