throwing up Update


I am so stresses and upset to the point to am throwing up and shaking.

Today is 2 years being together with my SO has made me throw up 3 times tonight. He is accusing me of lying and deleting messages and talking to people even tho I have deleted all my social media's other then this one and Facebook messenger. I have told everyone that has texted me that I can't talk.

On my 20th. birthday he got on my accounts are started texting everyone as me because he didnt trust now he things I am lying.

I have done every thing i can I am so stressed I can't keep anything down anymore. I just want him to trust me, I told him it hurts me but he says he cant help it cause he so scared to lose me.

UPDATE: I broke up with him. I don't know how long it will last and if he is gonna try and get me back. He has already came to my house twice. But I broke it off, I don't wanna get back together, I am gonna be strong and not let him make me feel bad. Even tho he already has and I feel horrible about it. I am trying to stand my ground. Thank you.