Dealing with loss of parent


Dear friends, sorry for my long absence. Recently my step father took ill. He was diagnosis with interstitial lung disease. Sadly this past week, April 13th he passed away with his family by his side. We are heart broken. Not many of you know this but a year and a half ago we lost my mom to stage 4 metastasized breast cancer. We are 26 weeks pregnant with our first child, our baby boy and have two grandparents left, my biological father and my father in law. My step dad raised my sister and I for 26 years of our lives, he was the one who carried my moms memories to share with our children. He was my dad. I am heart broken and feel I truly cannot grieve as I don’t want to harm or get too emotional and something happen with our little guy. I am still in shock that this all went down. We need a break from our losses, I need support. Please help me get through this for those who have experienced this kind of loss during pregnancy.