Please help, i’m in so much pain. TMI NASTY PHOTOS.

Wednesday I had a tooth pulled, it was my jaw tooth in the very back. Well, the dentist was super rough, and it was painful as heck cause he didn’t numb me enough, I even told him I felt it but he said “you won’t much longer”. Any way, Thursday I woke up in a lot of pain, they told me not to rinse my mouth out in anything, don’t smoke, spit or drink through a straw so I didn’t. Well, with pain meds (hydrocodones) my mouth still throbbed around the extraction area.. I called my dentist Thursday and he told me pain and soreness was normal. And brushed it off. But this pain isn’t soreness, it’s like AWFUL pain that wakes me up. Friday morning I woke up and noticed my mouth tasted nasty, and there was tons of pressure in the extraction area, my ear, jaw and head was killing me. I went to the bathroom and opened my mouth and the smell of my own breath made me gag. The extraction area looked utterly disgusting.. here Friday morning.

I begin calling everyone, and they told me to call my dentist and use mouthwash and salt water asap. I called my dentist and he said to keep my May 1st appointment and hed look at it then, cause he thinks it’s normal soreness.. but it’s not. 😭😭😭 I make warmish/hot salt water and I didn’t swish but I let it sit in the area and i’m telling you it was absolute sweet relief. I spit and chunks of crap came out. Here’s after rinsing once.

I kept rinsing over and over then it looked like this one

I keep rinsing then i started using mouth wash. And now it looks like this

It is now Saturday morning and i’m still in pain. Rinsing and stuff every hour. Infection is coming from my extraction sight. I’m taking amoxicillin, for the infection and ibuprofen for pain... the dentist I go to is the only one who accepts my insurance so I can’t go elsewhere.. is there any tips on how to get this better? I’m literally hurting so bad typing this. I just need advice, or something. This hurts bad. My c section wasn’t this painful.