husband is controlling and scares me

I love my husband so much I really do and it makes me sad to think he's this controlling and verbally abusive I dont know what to do.

last night we were at my sister's house for dinner we brought food over. My husband already sat down to eat the only chair beside him was in the corner so instead I sat across from him by my sister's boyfriend who is really good friends with my husband. we are all going to the movies together next Sunday too. My husband was like hey sit by me I was like I can't get into the corner chair he was like okay. everything seems normal we are laughing having good conversation. finally we leave as soon as I get into the car before I could start it he starts going off yelling about how I disrespected him by not sitting by him and how I shouldn't have done that and that I'm just a whore and a bitch who would cheat on him and that he doesn't know why he's with me because I'm a cheater. He's never gotten this mad over something so little. But it scared me we got home and I forget but I said something and he raised his hand to me which he does all the time we play fight a lot but this wasn't play fighting he didnt hit me but acted like he would. It scared me when we went to bed he started yelling at me not to hug him and to go get on the couch or the other side of the bed that he didnt want my nasty hands touching him. Now this morning he didn't even tell me bye or say he loved me until I texted him and he's acting distant. He will probably come home though and apologize and act like nothing happened because that's what he does. My sister recently brought it to my attention too that has always calling me mother fucker and a ho or bitch but he always says it jockingly so I think nothing of it and just ignore it or call him and ass but even my sister's boyfriend said he heard him call me a motherfucker a couple of times while we were their but I didnt notice because I'm so use to it.

Is this bad I dont know what to do and he doesn't believe in counseling so that wouldn't work I'm not sure what I should do.