Aching Nerve Pain in Calves?


26+1 and for the past week or so I will wake up in the mornings with my legs aching so bad and it feels like nerve pain. It's mainly in my calves: like from the bottom of my knees to my ankles. Every now and then it will go from my hips all the way down to my ankles. And very rarely it will be in my arms: from my elbows to my wrists. I have pretty bad RLS at night, so I know this pain is different and this is not RLS. Normally it goes away after maybe 10 minutes of waking up, but I've been up for around an hour now and it's still aching.. and my arms are starting to ache a little too. Anyone know what this could be? ***EDIT: 6 hours later and the left leg is decent, but the right one is STILL aching, and a lot worse! 😩😩