threatened to cheat?

most of the time whenever my husband and i argue, hed tell me hes going to cheat on me. he says when he does, i cant be mad at him, and i have to look at myself to see why he cheats. he also said since im too stupid and lack too much knowledge, always making him stress, hes going to cheat on me. he says im a bad mom/wife, idk how to make plans, he only see me as a kid. id tell u one argument he had when he says hes gonna cheat. we went to eat at a buffet w his fam and our 2 babies. he only ate 1 plate and was done. i ate 2 plates and was also feeding our 1yr old. after i was done, i went to go grab sushi. whenever i leave the table, our 1yr old will cry very loud. i did it as quick as possible so he wouldnt cry too long. when i came back, he wanted some sushi, but it was raw so i didnt give him any. my husband said he still seem hungry and ask me why i didnt go grab him a plate too when i went to grab sushi. i ask him if he could since hes done eating and just sitting there watching me eat. he got angry and didnt want to go, so i did. when we were on our way home, he was yelling at me about it that im such a bad mom, i only care about my stomach. i care about me more than our baby. he said its my job to feed him. he then started saying that hes going to cheat on me because of how i am.