HELP!!!!! Do you think it’s safe to take Saxenda?

So, my Dr. decided to prescribe me Saxenda instead of phentermine this time. Apparently it works better and you don’t gain loads of weight back like phentermine. I took the very expensive ($1,500) prescription to the pharmacy 😱and I ended up only paying $30 for it!!!!!!! My doc didn’t think any insurance would cover it, so I just knew it was meant to be! But then I got home and read the warnings on it. ☠️

Here’s the thing, it’s not proven that it causes thyroid cancer or pancreatitis but the FDA warning ⚠️ is still there. The rats that were tested grew tumors, there’s been no human evidence. I don’t have a family history of these things (only high BP) but it frightens me.

I’m 270lbs now 5’3 in height. Losing weight after miscarriage is hard!!! Me & Hubby work out CONSTANTLY eat 4-5 healthy meals a day and only drink water! I’ve only lost 5lbs. I will consult back with my Dr. during the week but I would just like honest opinions PLEASE!!🙏🏾

I’ve read thousands of reviews and sooooooo many ppl have loved this for the past couple of years.

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