Do you thing “breaks” can be beneficial for a relationship?

l have never gone on a “break” in a relationship. However in my current relationship I️ feel like I️t might be necessary. l haven’t been feeling the same for the past month. l have severely lost romantic interest in him. I️ love spending time with him, however I️ am not in the mood for anything that a couple would do, even kiss. I️ am going to talk to him about it now that I️ know my feelings are sure. I️ he is an amazing guy and I️ don’t think we should give up right when we run into a problem. So after we talk about I️t for the first Time I️ want to see If we could somehow work things out. I️ don’t know how because I’ve never been I️n this situation but I️ don’t want to lose him, I️ love him in my life. But I️ can’t help how I️ feel :/ I’ve been taking some space from him the past 2 weeks and I️t makes me feel better. So if I️t comes to I️t, before jumping the gun and breaking up, do you think a break would be beneficial? its not so much the things he does that makes me unattracted, it’s me just loosing feeling I️ guess. I️ don’t know how to approach the situation. But all I️ know is breaking up immediately would not seem adequate to me. I️ want to try.

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