“Sister in Law” ish

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost three year and I’m CRAZZZY about him. We can’t keep our hands off each other. We would literally f**k each other every time we see each other . His sister (one year younger than me) hate me. She one time busted us doing some oral sex Two year ago. Ever since then she has made my life a living hell at school. She had my nudes that I secretly send to her brother and she hack his brother stuff to keep it in her phone. She had made me feel so filthy and shot down my confidence about my body. Her brother was my first everything, he made me feel so beautiful and gain my confidence that I never thought I would have about myself. I sometimes think to myself, why does she hate me ? Why keep my nudes? It was private. She made me think sex is bad. I know Sex isn’t. It’s something that I enjoy doing with her brother. She has the beauty that make everyone goes blind from her ugliness inside. She gets it from her older sister who did the same thing to my boyfriend’s ex. I get mad her for being beautiful and able to manipulate to make me look bad. I’m not interested in women but I have this admiration of her because I know she has a good soul, it’s just make me wonder why has she become this person ? She doesn’t even know me.

Is it bad that I get this feeling that she might be into me ?