Dr issues beginning to scare

I havent seen an OB/GYN Dr since some time in February and got an ultrasound the following month March. I'm picky when it comes to Drs the last one I didnt agree with seemed too odd honestly (advertised as an OBGYN but is actually a Midwife..no hate for midwives just not comfy and the office was pretty bare for a place thatd been there awhile oh and no ultrasound technology or dopler 😳) and since then I've been looking for a new Dr but no one has space or they dont accept my insurance either way I've been looking and looking getting further n further along in my pregnancy without a Dr or ultrasound if i didn't feel my little man moving around I'd be super scared. anyone know what I can do in the meantime?? (my local hospital doesn't accept my insurance either so plz don't suggest i visit there)