will he ever miss his kids


my and my bf of 2 and a half years currently split up at the begginging of feb... so really not even that long ago. things just werent working out between us due to trust issues i have. considering he cheated on me with his ex girl and got us both pregnant. we tried to make it work anyway. but it was hard going. anyway..... we currently have 2 daughters together. 2 little girls. 2 and 7 months. and im 5 months pregnant with our 3rd..... he has went and got back now with his ex girl. and they also have 3 kids. 2 sons. 6 and 5.... and a daughter also 7 months. he moves rather fast. but what i wanted to ask is. will he ever miss my kids or xome back for them and BE A FATHER. its now been 3 weeks since he seen them. hes made no contact at all. he hasnt showed up. and it broke my heart to heart to see that his profile pic on whats app is of his other 3 children. like mine dont exist at all. he also told his girl he is taking absolutely nothing to do with this baby im carrying. and she was ok with this. will he ever have regrets for walking away on 3 beautiful children. my 2 year old is asking for him constant. she ADORED him and he adored her. his first born daughter he called his blue eye. there bond was amazing. she is obviously really missing him. i dont understsnd how he can do this. its like when he has a women. his children are forgotten.