Accidentally elbowed baby in the head😭

So we are just a mess this morning 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ok first off my boyfriend was sleeping and I was trying to tell him that our daughter is behind him and to be careful. When I tried waking him up it scared him or something and he flung his shoulder back and hit my daughter in the cheek/shoulder area. Not too hard. She didn’t cry. She just sat there. But when this happened I hurry and grabbed her and my boyfriend felt so bad. So after that I sit her up in between up in the bed and I reach for my blanket but something is holding it back I pulled a little hard and when it released from whatever it was stuck on, my elbow went back and hit her in the head, close to her temple area. She sounded like she was gonna start crying but I picked her up and kissed her and asked her if she was okay. So she ended up not crying. So I sat her back up and because she’s still not a pro at sitting up she fell backwards but more to the side of her and her head landed on my boyfriends face but not hard. I hurry and sat her up and she didn’t cry or anything. When I sat her up it’s like she was a little wobbly or something but now she’s playing and is happy as ever. I feel so freaking bad. Is she gonna be okay? What signs do I watch for?