How to get us together again


Okay girls, so I’ve got a dilemma. Me and my boyfriend (also my best friend of 6 years) broke up in January, it was on mutual terms, we both agreed long distance was too much and his parents were too controlling. We’d been together 3 years (he lived near me for a year then moved so we were in an LDR for 2 years) and it was heartbreaking for both of us. Anyway, fast forward a few months and we’re talking agaiyn. Things were going great until he stopped messaging. After 3 days he messaged me apologising and saying he doesn’t know about us. We talked a little more and he admitted that he’s scared of going back into a relationship again because he doesn’t want to get hurt and upset and wants to take things slow. He still has feelings and so do I, and we both love talking to each other.

I was just wondering if anyone has had experience with this before? Does anyone have any ideas on how I can comfort him without being too full on and scaring him off? Or how I can make him want to come back to me when he has these little wobbles? I understand it will take time for us to get back to where we were but I want to start in the right place ❤️