I recently have been having some pain in the area where my ovaries are at mostly on my right side it comes and goes . I have 28 day cycles on the dot ,my period was supposed to be here yesterday and it still hasn’t came . My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex once last month and he did cum inside of me were not preventing pregnancy. However the pain was already there before ,my period last month was on time. I did go to my obgyn today and she did my pap and cervical test as well as urine test I haven’t heard back from them so that’s a good sign I have a vaginal ultrasound scheduled next month. Should I be worried ? Or can I just be pregnant? Anyone else had similar symptoms ?The ob said that ovary cyst are very common but she would obviously need an ultrasound for that which they didn’t have openings soon till June . The pain doesn’t stop me from going on with my day it’s just an annoying little pain that’s just kinda there . Sorry if I don’t make sense .