tell me how this makes sense?!


So my fiance follows his one ex on Instagram who recently started a private snapchat or whatever it is where she posts videos and pictures of her playing with herself and is promoting it through her Instagram. so she is posting naked pictures and videos on her Instagram and I told him I'm not comfortable with him following her. He told me he needs to follow her so when he sees her posts he knows he made the right choice not chasing after her when they broke up blah blah blah. WHY IS SEEING ME EVERYDAY WHEN HE COMES HOME NOT ENOUGH?! WHY DOES HE NEED TO SEE HER NAKED ALL OVER INSTAGRAM TO KNOW HE MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE?! I'm at my wits end with this shit and I dont know what to do... when we first got together he had videos and pictures of her on his phone from when they were together, they broke up 8 months before I met him and at the end of this month it will be 3 years we've been together... like who is wrong in this situation?