I know this has been posted about a lot but what should I do? Sorry it’s so long.

I told my boyfriend a week ago that him watching porn makes me feel really uncomfortable and I don’t want him to do it anymore bc of past trust things with him. (We’ve been together 2 years let me add that) I don’t like the idea of him watching another girl getting fucked & if you think that’s stupid or crazy then leave the post now.

Anyways, I asked him if he had done it within the last week and if he did we were gonna have some problems, and surprise surprise he did. I was of course mad bc I asked him EXTREMELY nicely to not do it bc it is now a dealbreaker to me about him watching porn. He said he wouldn’t, and lied.

We had a talk and I told him if he does it again he’s giving me no choice but to leave. And so I FaceTimed him to tell him goodnight and what do ya know, he’s in the bath. Jacking off to porn. What am I supposed to do? I’ve tried being nice, I’ve tried being stern, basically everything. And he still does it. I don’t want to leave him clearly but it just gets on my nerves that he can’t handle not watching it. He said he’s sorry & he won’t do it again but we all know how that’s gonna go. Someone please give me some advice. Sorry it’s so long

Edit: I don’t really care that he masturbates honestly bc I do too. It’s just the porn that I hate. I used to be fine with it but recently it’s just made me feel really weird bc he used to tell me about videos he’s watched and I would feel weird about it.