Why am I so “hot”?

So I have been slowly transitioning (ftm) without hormones and just changing my appearance (binding, packing etc) and I have tried voice training to deepen my voice and such. I have not brought the gender thing up and people just assume I’m a cis guy which is nice, but then it’s like uhhhhh yeah your hot but I have my dick missing...... I have had two people in the last two weeks ask if I had a girlfriend and one almost got my number and was dancing pretty “flauntly” at a mixed school dance. And just today I went to one of my best friends friends place and his older sister like around 14 just snapped me and said I’ve known you for one day and I already think I like you....... why the hell did I all of a sudden which from that weird butch Tom boy nobody knows to the hot stud nobody can get....? Ps I have green hair shaved on the sides and usually wear hats and bow ties and sometimes talk with a light Scottish accent (I am Scottish) and am 15 and I’m 5’8...... why am I so “attractive” to girls....?