I’m so stuck... TTC and I need to take antibiotics

Hey gals, so there’s a massive possibility that I could be pregnant. However I can’t get a test right now, and if anything it’s probably to early to tell if I was. I have a SERIOUS case of gastro. I went to the doctors and I told them I’m TTC she’s like oh when did u have a last period and I’m like two weeks ago. I said there could be a chance I am. I need bloods. she’s like if u had a period only two weeks ago then it’s too soon to tell and there’s no point. I said no more cause she was bossy. Anyways shes given me antibiotics but I googled the brand and it says it could affect the baby or the likeness of getting pregnant and affect the fetus early on?? What do u guys think? Should I take a chance? I realllly need to get better :(.