So I had to get my wisdom teeth out “urgent.” Whenever I met the surgeon he took a look at my teeth and said they were severely impacted, and they would possibly have to cut my jaw bone. He said the only way he can get to everything is general anesthesia..

Anyways he explained how he is going to intubated me and how everything worked and scheduled me immediately (two days later)

Luckily I was able to finish my class the day before and pass my skills portion for my EMT.

Today I was ready for all four of my wisdom teeth extraction

I woke up from surgery and apparently I was telling everyone thank you and said they did a good job. And I guess I was trying to see who intubated me to say they did a good job... lol.. and explaining that in my dream I went on an ambulance call lol?? What???

Anyways my mom then took me home and took amazing care of me this morning. She had already made jello the day before for me and made pudding for me to eat as well.

I love my momma

Then my older sister had came by with my youngest nephew to come see me. My nephew (he is two y/o) ran in trying to find me. He yelled “ruh ruh!!” (Which is short for Sarah. And came in with a small bag. My sister got me some small things to pamper myself. Some bath bombs, chapstick, eye gel mask, and some moisturizer. That was so kind and sweet...

Then my boyfriend, he sacrificed the night he goes and hangs out with his guy friends to come and comfort me. He has a men’s group he goes to every Thursday but instead he surprised me. He went out of his way to come see me also! Because my mom was so consumed on taking care of me, he came by and took care of me so my family could go have a dinner and he would watch me..😭😭

He gave me ice packs,

Helped me eat, and made sure I didn’t make any mess

He helped me grab things that fell, made sure I was comfy and not in pain..

He sat timers to come bring me medicine

He made sure I was so comfy and turned on a movie for us. He was so helpful he made me comfy enough to be able to sleep.. He then texted my mom ablout 5 min before she was home that he was about to head home because I had been asleep, he replaced my ice pack with another, he locked all the doors and that he was going to have to go home (because he has work early and he lives a good distance away) I remember him saying he was leaving and kissed me on the head.

Today has been the best day. My family and boyfriend has been the best and I really appreciate them so much. My mom was amazing and so caring. She helped me with anything and everything. I love her so much... My nephew was so cute, he knew I was in pain and wanted to help me.. unless he saw an ice pack.. then he wanted that.. lol but he was such a loving and caring baby. And I was so happy my big sister came by. I really enjoyed her comforting me. She had many bad experiences with any teeth surgeries or any dental experience so I know she came by to make sure I was okay.

And my wonderful boyfriend of two years, he was so helpful. He treated me like a princess and I was so grateful for everything that he did and my family


I ended up sending him this