Heartbeat at 6wks & 4days😳


Goodmorning All!!!!!!

So last week i had my FIRST OBGYN appt. of course to see how far along i am! By me going with my LMP(MARCH 1-4) i thought I’d be at least 8wks and some changes.

I get to my appointment only to find out that I was measuring at 6wks & 4days🤗however,I’m STILL EXCITED🎉of course! One thing that caught me off guard was I HEARD MY LITTLE (PUMPKIN SEED..the baby’s) heart beat😳i was ALWAYS told that you’ll be able to hear it during your 8th week... and so forth! Has any other MUM experienced this before? Should i be worried???

My OB mentioned that my baby could just be slow at growing😕which is hard for me to believe🤷🏾‍♀️because i know going based off your LMP isn’t ALWAYS accurate. So now i have a follow up appt NEXT WEEK after they did some blood work/testing (i should be 7wks & 5days)

I Just wanted to know who else experienced hearing a heart beat this early🙃✨🧚🏽‍♂️✨🙌🏾(I’m now currently 6wks & 6days)