I snapped.


630 am, and I’m feeding the baby. He’s been up twice since 9 pm, so I’m a bit tired. SO is laying next to me half awake from the screams of a starving infant 5 minutes earlier, so we start chatting. I mention how exhausted I am, and how I’ll probably end up sleepily driving my car into a ditch when I go back to work in a few weeks. His response was ‘He’ll sleep more by then’

Ladies, I lost it.

I snapped my head around and said ‘Really. THATS you’re response? Not - ‘I’ll help you!!???’

He turned over and said ‘I see how today’s going to be. I’m going to pretend I’m not here’

Probably a good idea, motherfucker. The correct response is one of the following:

A- I’m so sorry sweetie, let me get you some coffee’

B- it’ll get better because I’ll be helping you at night.

C- no words, just makes coffee.

** I should mention, he’s been a great dad and helper lately, I just did NOT want to hear about our little colic baby’s potential sleep pattern after a bad night. This was all hormonal induced rage.