Chloe • Mummy of #1 👶🏼 #2 on the way 🤰🏼💖

I’ve been trying to conceive for only 4 months now & I just had a reading done by a medium & she said that the key date is this may & also said that in the early months of pregnancy I will have dull cramping & I will feel like I’m going to explode with a period! Right now I am having dull cramping & it feels as if my period could come gushing out but it hasn’t ! Period is not due for another 13 days & she told me to let her know in 2 weeks if I’m pregnant. I have a strong feeling that I am, but its way too early to test!! She also told me the gender, how my birth & pregnancy will go & my babies personality!! I’m so excited, haven’t told my partner yet because if I am I want to surprise him! Also to this medium has really good feedback & it mostly always spot on!!