Questions about getting a tattoo for the first time..


Ok so I’ve wanted to get a tattoo since forever. Price isn’t an issue, I understand that I’m paying someone for their time and effort and I’m totally open to having the artist contribute some of their own flare as well, it’s their art after all. I’m not too worried about the pain either.

For my first, I think I’d like to get some sort of floral/flower detail on the inside of my wrist. I self harm, yet I’m coming up in a year of not cutting and I’d like to get a tattoo to commemorate that, and I love the representation flowers have for growing, healing and self-love.

This might sound stupid, but... Would a tattoo artist judge me for this? Would anyone have an issue? I also have anxiety and I’m worried since I’ve never had a tattoo before 🤷🏻‍♀️