Motherhood vs. Finishing College (please read post)


Long post so hear me out first y'all....

4 years ago, I finished my associates degree at a local community college. Since then, I haven't completed my Bachelor's Degree simply because I have not figured out what to do with life & I dread the debt that comes with school if I'm not sure what to do with the rest of my life. In that time I have also gotten married & my husband and I knew that we couldn't both afford to be going to school and beginning a young marriage, and he knew clearly what he wanted to do in life, so we chose for him to finish his degree first. He will be graduating in 3 weeks with his Bachelors.

As for me, I work in a public school making mediocre pay but with outstanding benefits. However I also run a photography business that is pretty successful and makes around $12-$20k a year and that doesn't have to go towards any building rent or employee pay or anything. So basically it is straight pay or goes towards equipment and licenses and such.

Lastly, this past March after trying for a year, we found out we were finally pregnant, and it was a prayer answered. We were both so happy but we lost our baby at almost 9 weeks.

So this morning I came across a post on FB and basically everyone was shaming young mothers for not having their college degrees before having a baby. Saying they are why the world is messed up, and that they should be more responsible and get a degree first to provide for that baby.

I am desiring motherhood more than anything, and especially now that I lost the baby I prayed and waited so long for, I want to try again. But that FB post made me feel guilty for wanting a child and not having my Bachelor's Degree done.

What is your guys' advice & opinions? Follow my dreams of this photography business and being a mommy? Or go back to school and put my dreams on hold? My husband wants to be a dad more than anything.