what does the start of oral herpes looks like? my husband has 3 (you can see more starting) cold sores or maybe it's crank core lol inside his upper lip... he is worried as it is herpes because his co worker has over 28 in her mouth. they shared doobies and a shatter vape at work. she got it though by sucking the escorts off her boyfriends dick edit: not sure where my old post went and why a new one was made, but not sure if it would be a cold sore as it is inside his mouth. he didn't know she had herpes until she told another co worker she trusts but he ended up telling everyone lol and same thing with the escorts too. both her and her boyfriend are nasty ass people who are not faithful but I feel bad for my hubby cause he was not expecting this. edit: my hubby does not work for a escort company or anything like that. it's a trucking company. he shared shatter vape and doobies with his driver. his driver is the one with herpes who he possibly got it from. she got it from her boyfriend who sleeps with escorts.