Need some help/inspiration/hope 😔😩

Ladies!! I need your stories!!! Our lives have been super crazy here lately. We just made a big move, have been busy with that for weeks. I lost track of time.....

So I had an hsg done on the 25th, and I had been taking mucenix every day since my period ended. Amongst the packing and moving I hadn’t been testing... one day I happened to notice ewcm when I wiped. So on a whim I tested that night. VERY positive strip and smiley on a digital. We bd that night. I also tested the next morning and got a positive strip and a smiley on a digital but we were exhausted by the time we crawled into bed at midnight and couldn’t muster the energy to have sex that night. But on the third day we had early morning sex.

Long story short, has anyone out there conceived with only just one or two days of intercourse??? I just felt like with the hsg, and the first sign of ewcm in a few cycles, that this was finally our month!!!!