I’m extremely irregular and got on birth control for 3 weeks in March of this year to get a period. My period came on March 25th and lasted 7 days. I started using OPKs April 2nd but I was new to it so I’m not sure about it. Hubby and I babydanced on 4/1, 4/3, 4/4, 4/7, 4/10, 4/11, 4/15, and 4/18. Before sex on 4/18, I had really bad pain in my right hip/pelvis area. I put it off as my ovulation pain so we did the do that day. I also started Fertilaid on April 1st, hoping it would help me ovulate as well. I’ve been taking HPTs for weeks now and all have been BFNs. Now my symptoms include very sore breast, nausea, bloating, lower back pain, pelvic pain, gas, and fatigue. Could i just have ovulated late? My period hasn’t showed and I haven’t had any bleeding. I did have have a small amount of brown discharge with clear fluid.