New Cycle, New chance! Who's in?


I never knew TTC could be so confusing, frustrating, emotional, and difficult. We are trying for baby #1. This is Month 10 for me and so far I went from my normal 29day cycles to extremely irregular cycles (between 29-50 days) and it seems like some months I don't actually ovulate. I'm trying to stay strong and continue trying without going to a fertility doctor but my patience is wearing thin.

BUT for now it's a new cycle so I get another chance! this is CD 1 for me right now and I'm feeling good about it. My husband will be home all this month and next month from his deployment, we have lots of preseed and I'm stocking up on OPKS! the most important thing though is I love my husband, he is my everything, and he is the sexiest man alive (at least I think so lol)! I am going to try to not worry too much and just enjoy these two months I get to spend with him and I'm really going to enjoy the sex!!!

Who else has a new chance? let's take this journey together!! 😊

please send baby dust, good vibes, prayers, wishes, and any other good juju my way! I will be doing the same for everyone else who is TTC!! ❤️