Late term termination

I hate how it sounds but just found out baby has Down syndrome and cardiac issues that will require immediate surgery and possibly other genetic issues. So after getting amnio results Friday I’ve scheduled termination on Monday. I’m almost 17 weeks along but the thought of all the issues going forward with the pregnancy I just can’t. She’s also measuring behind in her development. I have other healthy children at home and this wasn’t a planned pregnancy me and my husband were done but we had started planning if not all the medical issues we would have welcomed her. How do u move forward

Update, it’s been months and I’m still struggling everyday with this decision even though I know for my family it would have been best. If she would have survived birth and died during surgery I don’t know how my husband would have taken the loss or my kids. It seems this way I am the one burdened with her loss. I live in Canada and it was all covered. I’m sorry u went through this as well