I bleed a lot after sex, I don’t think it’s ok!


First of all, let me start by saying I don’t like people knowing stuff about me. But you guys are complete strangers so it’s fine🤗So I just recently, I just lost my virginity to this dude, whom I’m not even in a relationship with. We meet on social media and we started talking. So when we hooked up it hurt so much. Literally had to tell him to stop that it really hurts. So we did anal and then he fell asleep. This happened March this year. So fast forward to this month. I started talking to my bad boyfriend from high school, whom I’m still not romantically engaged to. So we got and and he started touching. I kind of liked it so I let him continue. So he put his dick inside me and I screamed! It even hurt more than the first dude. I wasn’t horny but I just enjoyed the touch, cause it’s been a while! So he started fucking and I wasn’t feeling it. I was begging him to stop and that it hurt so much. But he still kept on! He said he was about to cum! After the sex I was left bleeding. I was in bleeding and in pain for two days straight. I was very scared so I googled why women bleed after sex. I’m not anywhere close to menopause neither do I have an STD or an STI! I’m scared guys!😣