My boyfriend said the sweetest thing 😍

So to start my boyfriend has gotten a little upset that I am no longer working. I have a 7 year old son I'm in court to keep custody for (looking good as his father had not been too involved and is making false accusations) anyway so I have court hearing and appointments and was missing too much work. We both decided it best that I stay at home and not be too stressed while pregnant. So we are talking about it again yesterday and he just says that women are the better of the sexes as we can bare children and provide and men are here to provide for and protect women not to compete with them. (Kind of came up talking about how Boy Scouts is going to let girls in 🙄 don't get me started I'm pregnant with a girl now but my son will no longer be in scouts) but it just melted my heart my boyfriend said he takes pride in taking care of the kids and I and doesn't mind it at all 😍 sorry this was so long lol